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leasing beats

what does it mean to lease a beat?

Leasing beats is kind of like "renting" beats from a producer. You purchase a lease for a beat, record your and song and release it. However, as the owner of the beat, I am allowed to "rent" that beat out to as many people as I'd like to. 

So other people can use the same beat?

Yes, that is correct. Multiple artists can use the same beat. However, every song is going to be different. So, don't worry about that too much.

can i upload my song/video to spotify/itunes?

Yes. You can upload your song to any music or video streaming website. My beat leases allow you to do almost anything you want with the beats you purchase.

what can i not do with the beats i purchase?

You can not sample or re-arrange for commercial use. You automatically agree to not do this whenever you purchase a beat. In other words, you are not allowed to edit the beats you purchase. They are for use as-is.

what if my song goes viral? can i stop other people from purchasing that beat?

The short answer is no. If your song goes viral, other people can still purchase and use the same beat. You'll just have the most famous version of that song. Which is cool. 

what if someone else buys my beat and their song goes viral? can they make me stop using the beat?

No. You don't have to stop using the same beat. They would have to pay me a lot of money to buy the exclusive rights to use the beat. They would most likely just pay me to make a new beat for them, tbh. They would just have the most popular version of that beat. Which isn't a bad thing for you.

can you just make a beat only for me?

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